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TVB | 2023


TVB | 2023

Pearl Magazine

TVB | 2023


RTHK | 2023

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Biomedicine in the Age of Generative AI

Department of Computer Science | 2024


孙少文伉俪人文中国研究所 | 2024

The Emergence of Composite Text-Image Art in Ming-Qing Period Painting

Mr. Simon Suen and Mrs. Mary Suen Sino-Humanitas Institute | 2024

Beyond the Physical - 3D Modelling for Teaching and Research at HKBU

Library | 2024

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PRAD3035 Public Relations Writing

Department of Communication Studies | 2023

PRAD3106 Strategic Communication Internship and Practicum

Department of Communication Studies | 2023

PRAD4016 Strategic Issues and Crisis Management

Department of Communication Studies | 2023

PRAD2046 Internal Communication and Employee Engagement

Department of Communication Studies | 2023

Digital Scholarship Grant Projects 數碼研究項目

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Digital Scholarship Grant Projects - Sci-fi Blockbusters' Representation of Cyborgs and its impacts on Audiences' Perception of Human-machine Communication

Library | 2022

Digital Scholarship Grant Projects - 正風琅嬛 Resounding the Scores

Library | 2022

Digital Scholarship Grant Projects - Hong Kong Facebook News Analytics Dashboard

Library | 2021

Digital Scholarship Grant Projects - The Battle of Hong Kong 1941: A Spatial History Project

Library | 2021

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In Vivo Extraction of Neural Stem Cells in the Brain using Novel Nanomaterials

Department of Biology;Department of Chemistry | 2012


生物系;化學系 | 2012

A Cloud-Computing Middleware for Providing Proximity Information to Mobile Geo-Social Networks

Department of Computer Science | 2012

Helloc : 一个隐私保护实时通讯和社交网络服务

计算器科学系 | 2012