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  1. Review 2018 大事回顧
    Toll Adjustment for Three Road Harbour Crossings 三隧分流
  2. Raising the welfare age 調高長者綜緩門檻
  3. The Han Kuo-Yu Phenomenon 「韓」流
    The Budget 財政預算案
  4. Relax internship requirement for Oversea doctors 放寬海外醫生實習
    Guilty Verdicts of Occupy Central Leaders 佔中裁決
  5. Amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance 逃犯條例修訂
  1. Review 2017 大事回顧
    Unauthorised Building Works 僭建風波
  2. 2018 Legco By-election 立法會補選
    Result of Legco by-elections 補選的結果與分析
  3. The Budget 財政預算案
  4. Bus Crash 九巴公路車禍
    China-US Trade War 中美貿易戰
  5. Greater Bay Area 大灣區
    Cancel MPF Offsetting Mechanism 取消強積金對沖
  6. Land Debate I 土地大辯論(一)
    Land Debate II 土地大辯論(二)
  7. Scandals of Shatin to Central Link 沙中綫工程紕漏(一)
    Liu Xia 劉霞
  8. Vacancy Tax 空置物業稅
    Scandals of Shatin to Central Link 沙中綫工程紕漏(二)
  9. Express Railway 高鐵開通
    Super Typhoon 超強颱風
  10. Policy Address 施政報告
    Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge 港珠澳大橋
  11. Reclamation 填海造地
  12. 40 years of China's Reform 改革開放四十年
  1. Policy Address 2017 施政報告
  2. Police Rally 七警入獄
    The Chief Executive Race 特首選戰
  3. The Chief Executive Race 特首選戰(二)
    The Budget 財政預算案
  4. New Chief Executive 新特首
  5. UGL Probe Controversy UGL干預風波
  6. The Handover 20 Yrs On 回歸二十年
  7. Belt and Road Initiative 一帶一路
  8. Colocation Controversy 一地兩檢
  9. Revising Sentence of Young Activitsts 雙學三子覆核刑罰的爭議
  10. Transitional Housing 過渡性房屋
  11. National Anthem Law 國歌法
  12. Change Legco Rule 修改議事規則
  1. Policy Address 2016 施政報告
    Review 2015 回顧
  2. Mong Kok Riot 旺角騷亂
    Taiwan Presidential Election 台灣大選
  3. The Budget 財政預算案
  4. Localism and Independence Movement 「本土」與「獨立」思潮
  5. Collapse of Green Rooftop in CityU 城大塌天台
    Illegal Dumping 非法傾倒泥頭
  6. Lam Wing-kee's Explosive Revelations 林榮基揭露失蹤真相
    27th Anniversary of June 4th 六四廿七周年
  7. Legislative Council Candidacy Form 參選立法會的爭議
    Mini-storage Fire 迷你倉大火
  8. 2016 Legco Election 立法會選舉
  9. Wang Chau Housing Controversy 橫洲疑團
  10. Oath-taking Saga in Legco 宣誓風波
  11. US Presidential Election 2016 美國總統大選
    Interpretation of the Basic Law 釋法
  12. Review 2016 大事回顧
    The Chief Executive Race Starts 特首選戰前奏

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