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CREATORS : Dr. Henry T. Y. Fung
VIDEOS : 20  videos

This digital archive aims to showcase exemplary student works from the Department of Communication Studies for facilitating peer-to-peer learning. The course objectives, learning experiences and the process of creating the class projects are documented in short interview videos. Students can access these videos anytime anywhere and deepen their understanding of the course content, requirements, and challenges. They can also gain insights from the sharing of high-achieving students, and prepare themselves for related courses with higher motivation.



This video is archived and disseminated for educational purposes only. It is presented here with the permission of the faculty / instructor producer(s).

Statements and opinions expressed are those of the individual producer. Individual producer also holds the copyright liability for all materials used in the productions, including music, video clippings from 3rd parties, etc. HKBU and its Library assume no responsibility for the information presented and materials used in the video.

Any downloading, storage, reproduction, and redistribution, in part or in whole, are strictly prohibited without the prior permission of respective producer. Please strictly observe the copyright law.

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COMM2026 Human Communication


COMM2026 Human Communication

2023 00:06:05

PRAD3007 Advertising and Visualization

2023 00:03:05

PRAD3076 Communication Training for Organizations

2023 00:04:11

PRAD3075 Intercultural Communication

2023 00:02:58

PRAD3046 Audience Measurement and Engagement

2023 00:04:39

PRAD4047 Service Experiences and Luxury Branding

2023 00:04:35

PRAD4036 Social Communication and Advertising

2023 00:03:21

PRAD3015 Consumer Perspectives in Public Relations and Advertising

2023 00:04:54

PRAD2037 Interpersonal Communication

2023 00:03:36


PRAD2026 Organizational Communication

2023 00:03:47


PRAD3047 Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder Engagement

2023 00:04:51


PRAD4895 PRA Honours Project

2023 00:03:42


PRAD3017 Strategic Communication and Emerging Media Trends

2023 00:05:17


ORGC4027 Special Topics in Communication Studies

2023 00:04:25


PRAD3066 Writing for Professional Communication

2023 00:03:43


PRAD2047 Advanced Media Design for Corporate Communication

2023 00:03:18


PRAD2046 Internal Communication and Employee Engagement

2023 00:03:58


PRAD4016 Strategic Issues and Crisis Management

2023 00:03:58


PRAD3106 Strategic Communication Internship and Practicum

2023 00:03:37


PRAD3035 Public Relations Writing

2023 00:04:08


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