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Practical writings and negotiation in English & Chinese

Upskilling for Workplace English and Chinese 職場進階雙語運用

CREATORS : Ms. Carol Cheng ;
Dr. Raymond Lam
VIDEOS : 6  videos

The videos are designed to enable students to enhance their English and Chinese language proficiency in the workplace. Through a variety of scenario analyses, students will be able to grasp the nuances of how the English and Chinese languages can be best used at the workplace in order to communicate at a proficient level.



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Writing business correspondence


Writing business correspondence

Upskilling for Workplace English and Chinese

2022 00:06:43

Writing reports

Upskilling for Workplace English and Chinese

2022 00:04:24

The art of negotiation

Upskilling for Workplace English and Chinese

2022 00:04:58



2022 00:04:42



2022 00:03:39



2022 00:06:31


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