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Dreamer Lab Award – “Chase the Dream” Sharing 夢想實驗室-追夢歷程分享會

學生事務處 (October 9, 2018)

Based on the request of the producer(s),
this video can be viewed on HKBU campus only.


MAJOR SPEAKER : Chan, Wai Man, Yeung, Pui Yan, Luk, Tsz Ying, Wong, Lam Yi, Lo, Kwun Kin, Wong, Ting Yan, Siu, Tsz Wai, Chan, Mary Louis Young, Tung, Kam Ling
LENGTH : 93 min.
ACCESS : This video can be viewed on HKBU campus only
SUMMARY : 作為大學生,追夢是否遙不可及?我們能否以自己的創意和力量,為社會/弱勢做一些事情?一群「夢想實驗室」的得奬者,憑著他們的創意、努力,慢慢把自己的「夢」一步一步地實現,一起來聽聽他們的故事吧!

As a university student, is it impossible to pursue a dream? Can we use our own innovation and strength to do something for the society/ vulnerable groups? With creativity and effort, the winners of “Dreamer Lab Award” are fulfilling their dreams step by step. Let’s listen to their stories!  [Go to the full record in the library's catalogue]

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