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Shopping with Conscience 跟住良心去Shopping

學生事務處 (October 10, 2017)

Based on the request of the producer(s),
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MAJOR SPEAKER : Chan, Emily, Law, Vivian
LENGTH : 81 min.
ACCESS : This video can be viewed on HKBU campus only
SUMMARY : The seminar will focus on topics of globalisation, consumption values and global production chain, discussing the relationship between our mode of consumption and the global poverty issue and investigating the problems of exploitation, child labour and human trafficking behind the goods. The speaker will also introduce how World Vision fights poverty and encourage us to help these people in poverty in action.

本講將圍繞全球化、消費價值、全球生產鏈的主題,探討我們的消費模式與全球貧困問題的關係,並認識產品背後的剝削、童工及人口販賣問題。講者將介紹宣明會的扶貧工作,並鼓勵同學以實際行動幫助這些貧困人口。  [Go to the full record in the library's catalogue]

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