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周人歷史知識的來源:一個考古學視角 Sources of Historical Knowledge for the Zhou Society: An Archaeological Perspective

饒宗頤國學院 (March 23, 2023)

SEMINAR SERIES : Archaeology, Artifacts and Art

LENGTH : 96 min.
ACCESS : Open to all
SUMMARY : 吉德煒曾用蜂巢結構描述殷商社會——在商人力所不能及的地方,存在許多非商傳統。來自商末周初的考古遺存顯示,這些三千年存在的政權傳承著與殷商文明不同的歷史遺產。這些記憶群體的存在有助於我們理解崛起於多元知識網絡交匯處的周人,如何在豐富多元的歷史傳統中營建一套支持周王權正當性的三代文明敘事。講座從考古學視角探討在關中本位的知識版圖中,周人歷史知識的來源自何方?周人如何在這些歷史知識的基礎之上營建他們的文明?西周末年關中的陷落又如何改變知識的網絡結構與傳承方式? 由於關於三代文明的歷史敘事都來自周代傳世經典,因此這些問題成為探索文獻和考古之間關係的關鍵。

David Keightley has characterized the Late Shang social structure as a honeycomb, whereas many non-Shang traditions existed beyond the reach of Shang state power. These peer polities inherited diverse historical legacies different from that of the Late Shang civilization. Emerging at the intersection of diverse historical and political networks linking these memory communities, the Zhou founders constructed a historical narrative revolving around the concepts of the Three Dynasties and the Heavenly Mandate to highlight their claim to legitimacy. From an archaeological perspective, this lecture explores the sources of Zhou historical knowledge in the cultural landscape seen from the perspective of the Zhou homeland in the Guanzhong Basin. What were the diverse sources of Zhou’s historical knowledge? How did the Zhou build its political framework on the basis of these historical knowledge? How did the fall of the Guanzhong Basin in 771 BC rupture the transmission of these knowledge? Since our historical knowledge about the Three Dynasties came from the Zhou classics, these questions are critical for exploring the relationship between textual tradition and archaeology.  [Go to the full record in the library's catalogue]

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