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南朝吳興項羽信仰的神蹟文本製作與國家地方之互動 = The making of miracles texts of Xiang Yu belief and its interaction with the state and regions in the Southern Dynasties

饒宗頤國學院 (November 25, 2022)

SEMINAR SERIES : Online Sinology Fortnightly (July to December, 2022)

LENGTH : 81 min.
ACCESS : Open to all
SUMMARY : 南朝吳興項羽信仰兼具民間祠祀、軍神等性質,境遇發展與建康蔣子文信仰頗有會通之處,而項羽信仰強烈的地域性,適又與蔣子文信仰的國家化形成劇烈反差。晉宋時期的項羽神蹟文本,多環繞於外來太守的遭祟與死亡,此一「頻喪太守」的傳說,源自吳興地區叛亂與鎮壓的軍事暴力記憶,此時神蹟文本側重外來者與項羽神的衝突。齊梁以後,吳興與建康的競爭場域從軍事轉向宗教,項羽神從作祟到蔬食祭祀,以及吳興地區廣建佛寺,象徵民間信仰與國家、佛教從抗衡到妥協的過程。在神蹟文本的製作上,項羽信仰的故事情節具有高度的重複性,吳興土著透過神蹟文本威嚇外來太守,國家也透過改造故事情節而壓制地方,書寫者的立場不同會直接影響神蹟文本的發展。

Wu Xing’s Xiang Yu belief in the Southern Dynasties was characterized by folk worship of temples and military icons, which shared similar situation and development of Jiankang’s Jiang Ziwen belief. Yet the regionalism of Xiang Yu belief was quite different from the nationalization of Jiang Ziwen belief. Xiang Yu’s miracles texts in Jin Dynasty and Liu Song Dynasty mostly featured migrated governors having misfortunes or passing away at their posts. The tales of “short-lived governors” could be traced to memories of military violence from Wu Xing’s rebellions and repression, which particularly portrayed the conflicts between the Qiao people and the Wu people. Since the Southern Qi and Liang Dynasties, the competition between Wu Xing and Jiankang has gone from military to religions. Buddhist temples prevailed at Wu Xing thanks to the encouragement from royal families of the Southern Dynasties. From the haunted image to vegetables worship of Xiang Yu belief, it could suggest the conflicts among folk beliefs, the state, royal families and Buddhist and how they eventually reached a reconciliation. When it came to the making miracles texts, the plots of the tales of Xiang Yu belief featured repetition. Wu Xing locals tried to deter migrated governors by miracles texts; on the other hand, the state intended to alter the plots of tales to repress the regions, which could suggest different stances would directly impact on the development of miracles texts.  [Go to the full record in the library's catalogue]

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