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饒宗頤國學院 (August 19, 2022)

SEMINAR SERIES : Online Sinology Fortnightly 2022 Summer

LENGTH : 74 min.
ACCESS : Open to all
SUMMARY : 嵬名元昊利用先祖幾代累積下來的基礎,建立了西夏王國後,為了應對外部的壓力與及更緊密維繫國家權力,在政治上採取中央集權的改革,從元昊時代開始,利用宗教教義,與漢人的典籍,經過數代帝王的努力,最終於仁孝時期建立出儒釋思想為核心的統治意識,當這這套思想已深植於國內時,亦是西夏王國以戰爭養國家的大戰略意欲轉變的時候。以往論者多集中於西夏王國利用佛教凝聚人心,建立党項西夏人的身份認同。然而,中原文化及儒學亦是西夏統治者建立身份認同及統治意識的重要工具。是次講題主要探討西夏王國如何利用宗教與教育建構新的統治意識,並利用這種新力量慢慢取代諸部的勢力,形成忠於嵬名王室的統治集團,及抗衡鄰國的威脅。

Weiming Yuanhao (嵬名元昊) capitalized on the foundation accumulated by his ancestors for several generations to establish the Tangut XiXia Kingdom. He adopted a centralized political reform, starting from the Yuanhao era, using religious and Confucianism education to cope with external pressure and maintain state power stability. Through the several generations of emperors working with the Han people, the ruling consciousness with Confucianism and Buddhism as the core was established in the period of Renxiao (夏仁宗仁孝時期). When this set of ideas was deeply rooted in the country, it also changed the grand strategy of the Tangut Xixia Kingdom to support the country through war. In the past, most comments focused on the Tangut Xixia Kingdom's use of Buddhism to unite people and establish the identity of the Xixia people. However, Chinese culture and Confucianism were essential tools for the Tangut Xixia rulers to establish their identity and consciousness. This lecture mainly discusses how the Tangut XiXia Kingdom used the power of religion and education to replace the power of various tribe leaders, forming a ruling group of the Weiming royal family(嵬名皇室). At the same time, it competed against its neighbours' threat to the country through the religion and etiquette formed.This lecture mainly discusses how the Tangut XiXia Kingdom utilized religion and education to construct a dominant consciousness before using this neoteric power to replace its tribe. Therefore, it competed against its neighbours' threat to the country by loyal to the ruling group of the Weiming royal family(嵬名皇室) formed.  [Go to the full record in the library's catalogue]

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