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Mapping the Next Generation Human Health on a Global Scale : Eight E-health Mega-themes and Trends

Dept. of Computer Science (December 17, 2013)

SEMINAR SERIES : Distinguished lecture

LENGTH : 104 min.
ACCESS : Open to all
SUMMARY : Electronic Health (e-Health) is evolving to impact critically on the future landscape of human health along a global scale. With the continuing meltdown of the global economy and the urgency of maintaining the existence of the human race, a viable cost-effective solution to mitigate the increasing needs for quality and cost-effective global healthcare services delivery is urgently being sought. E-Health not only provides a significant advantage over wasteful, poorly coordinated and expensive conventional medical procedures, but also holds the potential for leveling the playing fields in terms of delivering care where it may be most critically needed, especially for the underserved populations. Understanding the e-Health mega-themes and trends is therefore a critical step towards identifying the various roles that could or should be played by policymakers, vendors, scientists, care professionals and even patients in this age of information and knowledge explosion to evolve e-Health 2.0. This talk overviews the prevailing e-Health mega-themes and trends. Starting with the major reference disciplines contributing to the evolution of e-Health, the talk will survey current developments, provide insights on new opportunities and ongoing challenges arising from these various e-Health mega-themes and trends. In contrast to the centuries old traditional practice of conventional medicine, the discussion will offer the audience important directions and insights related to the next phase research, developments and practices of the various e-Health subthemes and trends. Among other things, these themes include knowledge translating lean principles into healthcare, articulating the meaningful use perspective, envisioning the power of an interoperable ICT infrastructure for e-Health systems, incorporating the design of intelligent and appealing interfaces, deploying emerging m-Health & cloud-based strategy, understanding the influence of social media, and debating on the value of personalized medicine. While identifying the different e-Health mega-themes and trends, I will also attempt to provide critical thoughts and lessons gleaned from a few ongoing studies conducted at McMaster University and elsewhere. Finally, the talk will conclude with the observation that regardless of how e-Health 2.0 evolve, it will still be limited within the confines of regulatory policies, sustainable e-Health paradigm, the challenge of interoperability, standards, privacy, security, socio-political, legal and ethical concerns.  [Go to the full record in the library's catalogue]

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