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Creating a Digital Database on Daoist Literati and Gentry in Guangdong

University Library (October 27, 2023)

CONFERENCE / SYMPOSIUM : Fall Symposium on Digital Scholarship 2023

Fall Symposium on Digital Scholarship 2023@HKBU
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Creating a Digital Database on Daoist Literati and Gentry in Guangdong
LENGTH : 58 min.
ACCESS : Open to all
SUMMARY : This project is creating a database that concerns the organization of a Daoist trajectory of 50-100 personalities of the literati and gentry group, which will be shown according to a spatial-temporal line. Unlike previous approaches, which are exclusively devoted to documental analysis, this new spatial-temporal approach will not only be able to show clearly the transformations in the Daoist trajectory of a given historical figure according to source materials of different periods. Still, it will also be able to show the specific geographical position of the various Daoist temples, spirit-writing altars, and Daoist scenic spots visited by these historical figures. Using this spatial-temporal platform, therefore, the user will be able to search and read documents related to a given historical figure and Daoism, as well as appreciate related works of art, such as calligraphies, paintings, and inscriptions, and also to access a map page that shows the footprints of a given historical figure about Daoism, and the information on the Daoist background of the places visited by the historical figure.  [Go to the full record in the library's catalogue]

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