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Young Entrepreneurs' Club Commencement Ceremony 「青年創業家會」成立慶典


DEPARTMENT : Knowledge Transfer Office

PRODUCER : Knowledge Transfer Office
LENGTH : 2 min.
ACCESS : Open to all
SUMMARY : Hong Kong Baptist University received a donation from Mr Shih Wing-ching, Chairman of the Centaline Group and Shih Wing Ching Foundation and Honorary Professor of HKBU School of Business, for the establishment of the Young Entrepreneurs’ Club (YEC).

A ceremony was held on 1 December 2016 to mark the official launch of the YEC and to acknowledge Mr Shih’s generous support for the University.

The mission of the YEC is to inspire the spirit of entrepreneurship through education, knowledge transfer and community services, as well as to provide a platform to facilitate entrepreneurial activity.

The YEC is a partnership initiated by the School of Business and Knowledge Transfer Office. The nine inaugural members of YEC are outstanding young entrepreneurs from different sectors under the age of 40. They are: Mr Robert Chan, General Manager of ACT Foods (Shenzhen) Limited; Mr Tommy Chan, Senior Director of Tai Hing Worldwide Development Ltd; Mr Samuel Lam, Co-founder and CEO of X Social Group Limited; Mr Aaron Lee, Founder and Managing Director of Dash Serviced Suites; Mr William Shum, Founder and CEO of Memorigin; Ms Chloe Suen, Chair of Simon Suen Foundation; Mr Stan Tang, Chairman of Stan Group; Mr Jimmy Tao, Managing Director and CEO of Vitargent International Holdings Ltd; and Mr Timothy Yu, Founder and CEO of Snapask.


「青年創業家會」由工商管理學院和知識轉移處合辦,首屆成員包括九名40歲以下、來自不同行業的本地優秀青年企業家,他們分別是ACT Foods (Shenzhen) Limited總經理陳浩弘先生、太興環球發展有限公司品牌及業務發展副經理陳家強先生、X Social Group控股有限公司創辦人兼行政總裁林漢源先生、Dash Serviced Suites創辦人兼總經理李灝庭先生、萬希泉鐘錶有限公司創辦人兼行政總裁沈慧林先生、孫少文基金會主席孫燕華女士、Stan Group創辦人及主席鄧耀昇先生、水中銀 (國際) 生物科技有限公司董事總經理兼行政總裁杜偉樑先生和Snapask創辦人兼行政總裁余佑謙先生。  

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