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Animation of In Vivo Extraction of Neural Stem Cells in the Brain using Novel Nanomaterials 個性化的神經幹細胞用於治療腦退化疾病和腦損傷動畫


DEPARTMENT : Department of Biology ; Department of Chemistry

PRODUCER : Professor Ken YUNG Kin-lam , Dr. LI Hung-wing , Dr. Cathy LUI Nga-ping
PROJECT YEAR : 2012 - current
LENGTH : 3 min.
ACCESS : Open to all
SUMMARY : This invention relates to a new method for extracting biological cells focusing on an innovative therapy for the subject diseases by means of personalised neural stem cells from patients themselves. With this novel technique, magnetic nanoparticles covered with antibodies can safely extract neural stem cells from rats. Neurospheres are successfully generated in vitro from the extracted neural stem cells and subsequently transplanted back to the same rat. Through this demonstration, it has proved that the magnetic microsurgery process is simple and safe to implement on animals.

In summary, it is anticipated that this technique may cause significant implications in isolating individual patients’ own neural stem cells for tailor-made treatments of their specific neurological problems in future stem cells therapy without the consideration of ethical issue. This technology though in an early stage of development, may give exciting potentials in biological and clinical applications from bench to bed.

The finalist of HKBU Innovationem Award 2014  

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