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Faculty of Arts (12)

Department of Chinese Language and Literature (27)
Department of English Language and Literature (3)
Department of Humanities and Creative Writing (20)
Department of Music (2)
Department of Religion and Philosophy (90)
Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies (14)

Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology (82)
Language Centre (9)
Mr Simon Suen and Mrs Mary Suen Sino-Humanitas Institute (11)

Liberal and Cultural Studies (1)

Centre for Applied Ethics (15)
Centre for Chinese Cultural Heritage (16)
Centre for Sino-Christian Studies (17)
Centre for Translation (126)
International Writers Workshop (21)


School of Business (27)

Chinese Businesses Case Research Centre (4)
Department of Management (4)
Institute for Enterprise Development (4)
WLB International Institute for Business Development (10)

Academy of Film (51)
Department of Communication Studies (5)
Department of Journalism (24)

Centre for Media and Communication Research (14)


Faculty of Science (1)

Department of Computer Science (102)
Department of Mathematics (7)


Faculty of Social Sciences (2)

Department of Sociology (1)
Department of History (4)

Modern History Research Centre (8)


Academy of Visual Arts (48)
Institute of Creativity (6)
School of Chinese Medicine (59)
School of Continuing Education (7)


Academic Registry (44)
Alumni Affairs Office (1)
Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning (16)
Chaplain's Office (1)
Communication and Public Relations Office (1)

David C Lam Institute for East-West Studies (3)
Estates Office (1)
General Administrative Office (2)
General Education Office (7)
International Office (33)

Knowledge Transfer Office (24)
Library (146)
Office of Student Affairs (86)
University Advancement Office (5)

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