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Evolutionary Graphics

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Evolutionary Graphics introduces computer graphics with the evolutionary and generative approaches that rooted in biology and mathematics. Students define simple rules with programming codes to generate complex imageries.

The video tutorials demonstrate the usage of the software TouchDesigner that students use it to create animations.



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lesson 001a : Introduction to TouchDesigner


lesson 001a : Introduction to TouchDesigner

2012 00.10.10

lesson 001b : Switching between Design mode and Perform mode in ...

2012 00.09.46

lesson 002a : Working with 2D image effects: [Blur], [Add], ...

2012 00.15.04

lesson 002b : Using the webcam image by [VideoIn] with 2D image ...

2012 00.09.42

lesson 003a : Beginning 3D graphics environment

2012 00.08.49

lesson 003b : Working with more 3D graphics by using [Merge], 2D ...

2012 00.10.01

lesson 003c : Introduction to animation by using CHOP nodes: [beats], ...

2012 00.09.48

lesson 003d : Creating an Interactive animation by using [mouse]

2012 00.09.35

lesson 003e : Using the [Carve] and [Noise] surface operators and ...

2012 00.09.29


lesson 004a : Introduction to particle system

2012 00.09.48


lesson 004b : Working with 2D particles by using [pointsprite] & ...

2012 00.07.41


lesson 004c : Enhancing the particle system with [metaball], [force]; ...

2012 00.09.54

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