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饒宗頤國學院 (March 4, 2019)


LENGTH : 102 min.
ACCESS : Open to all
SUMMARY : 在知識史的視野下,知識不再是一種靜態的存在(knowledge),而是一種生成過程(knowing),它包含著知識的生產場域、傳播路徑與實現形態,以及賴以發生與承載的人物、文本、器物與場景。中醫的無形知識如概念、理論、思想等與有形知識如技術、器物等相互依存,共同構成了中醫的知識譜系。相對於中醫理論研究而言,學術界對有形技術的歷史考察略為薄弱。中醫技術的發生與演變過程以及具體的器物表現不僅僅是中醫學術史研究重要課題,而且與社會思潮、社群關係、科學話語權等諸多因素密切相關,需要內外史研究的融通才能深得其中真味。本演講將回顧中醫技術史研究的成績並提出可能的研究向度。

Under the scope of intellectual history, knowledge is no longer regarded as something static but a dynamic process of knowing. The implication is that knowledge, in the broader sense, is comprised of the fields of its production, the paths of its dissemination, the forms of its realization, and the various agents that create or communicate knowledge, including the people, texts, apparatuses, and sites. The intangible knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) such as concepts, theories, and thoughts are interdependent with its tangible counterpart like techniques and apparatuses. Together these two sides of the coin form the body of knowledge of TCM. In comparison to theoretical studies, however, historical research on tangible techniques have proven to be a weaker link in the field. Beyond its significance in the disciplinary history, the origins and developments of TCM techniques and the formation of the consequent apparatuses are indeed closely related to the zeitgeist, communal relations, discursive power of science, and other factors at play. Thus, a deeper understanding of the topic would demand an interdisciplinary approach. The talk will provide a survey of previous scholarship on TCM techniques and its achievements and propose some of the potential aspects for future studies.  [Go to the full record in the library's catalogue]

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