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Digital Twins: Clash of Mathematics, AI, Data and High Performance Simulation

Dept. of Computer Science (December 2, 2022)

CONFERENCE / SYMPOSIUM : HKBU-NVIDIA Joint Symposium on AI, Metaverse and Beyond

LENGTH : 79 min.
ACCESS : Open to all
SUMMARY : Understanding the complexity and finding certainty in such uncertain times can deliver major operational advantages for any economical, industrial or scientific assets. The operational team are under increasing pressure to optimize performance while minimising risks and increasing productivity. All set against a volatile global backdrop.

A digital twin is a virtual representation — a true-to-reality simulation of physics and materials — of a real-world physical asset or system, which is continuously updated.

Digital twins aren’t just for inanimate objects and people. They can be a virtual representation of computer networking architecture used as a sandbox for cyberattack simulations. They can replicate a fulfillment center process to test out human-robot interactions before activating certain robot functions in live environments. The applications are as wide as the imagination.

Digital twin technology, with data at its core, is helping scientists, engineers, biologist or even economist gain control and understanding over their resources and assets.

By connecting the right people to the right data, the right processes (mathematics and simulation), one can gain greater end-to-end insights. One can quickly identify the actions and strategies needed to deliver sustainable performance improvements.

In this talk, we discuss how Mathematics, data, simulation and AI make digital twins possible.

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