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饒宗頤國學院 (July 14, 2022)

SEMINAR SERIES : Online Sinology Fortnightly 2022 Summer

LENGTH : 73 min.
ACCESS : Open to all
SUMMARY : 本文以晚清袁青綬《江甯省城圖》為例,考察地圖如何再現並詮釋城市空間。太平天國戰亂對南京城市空間造成很大破壞,《江甯省城圖》系列地圖,用標注當時已廢的景觀、書寫歷史典故的形式,重塑了一個虛擬城市空間。紙上空間與現實空間的反差之間,強調了城市的歷史文化。通過文字與圖像的結合,地圖記錄了南京的歷史文化,在太平天國戰亂之後,幫助傳承城市記憶,並通過再版及流傳,影響了民國時期作為首都的南京形象。

Taking Yuan Qingshou’s “Urban Plan of Jiangning” 江甯省城圖 in the late Qing Dynasty as an example, this paper investigates how maps reproduce and interpret urban space. The Taiping Rebellion inflicted severe damage to the urban space of Nanjing. The map series “Urban Plan of Jiangning” reshaped a virtual urban space by marking the abandoned landscapes and writing historical allusions at that time. The contrast between graphic space and actual space emphasizes the history and culture of Nanjing through the combination of words and images. After the Taiping Rebellion, the maps helped to inherit the urban memory, and affected the image of Nanjing as the capital during the Republic Era through reprinting and dissemination.   [Go to the full record in the library's catalogue]

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