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漢字對朝鮮時期儒家思想記錄文化的影響 The Impact of Chinese Characters on the Confucian Way of Recording Culture during the Joseon Dynasty

饒宗頤國學院 (October 25, 2023)

SEMINAR SERIES : Connecting Europe and Asia, Recasting the Glory: Lecture series of Early Encounters between Europe and Asia

LENGTH : 97 min.
ACCESS : Open to all
SUMMARY : 漢文化,又稱為「華夏文化」、「中國文化」,它是中華民族的先民在長期的生產和社會實踐中創造出來的豐富多彩的、有重要價值的文化。這種文化在近代以前長期處於世界領先地位,對周邊國家和地區產生了強大的輻射力,尤其是東亞地區的韓國、日本,甚至東南亞的越南等國家。

韓國不僅是世界上最早輸入漢字、儒家文化的國家,而且在某種意義上講,它是比儒學誕生的中國更加遵從儒家文化的國家。因此儒家文化在東亞地帶的韓國影響而表現極其明顯。本講座主要談「漢字與儒家思想文化的傳播」, 「漢字對儒家記錄文化的影響」。

The culture of the Han Chinese, also called ‘Huaxia culture’ or ‘Chinese culture’, is rich and varied and a culture of great importance that was created by ancestors of the Chinese people through long-term production and practical implementation in society. During the long epoch prior to more recent times, culture of this type was the most advanced in the world, and it generated a strong radiation that exerted influence on the surrounding countries and territories, especially the East Asian nations of Korea and Japan, and even the states of South-east Asia, including Vietnam.

Not only was Korea the first state in the world to import Chinese characters and Confucian culture, but to some extent, its veneration of Confucian culture was even stronger than in China where the thought system was born. The influence and manifestation of Confucianism was thus especially evident in East Asian Korea. This lecture will principally discuss ‘the transmission of Chinese characters and Confucian thought’ and ‘the influence of Chinese characters on the Confucian record-keeping culture of the Joseon period’.  [Go to the full record in the library's catalogue]

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