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清代才學夫妻的著作所呈現之夫妻情誼及兩性關係 Marital Affection and Gender Relationship in Works of Talent Couples in Qing Dynasty

饒宗頤國學院 (October 18, 2023)


LENGTH : 93 min.
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SUMMARY : 清代才學夫妻的著作所呈現之夫妻情誼及兩性關係 據胡文楷 (1901-1988)《歷代婦女著作考》的考訂,清代女性創作了極其豐富的著作數量。閨秀不但勤於治學,筆下的內容也具有多元化的議題。例如她們對家庭生活作細緻的描寫 (如夫妻情誼、訓課子女等),亦常觸及社會與國家各種課題,題材相當廣泛,是彌足珍貴的歷史資源。同時,清代女性著作的研究亦引起了學術界的熱烈關注與考究。值得注意的是,清代閨秀多具備妻子的身分,她們筆下多以丈夫為對象,細加爬梳,筆者發現清代才學夫妻吟詠唱和的紀錄尤多,才學夫婦的著述也同時展現了夫妻間如何達成共識,互相協助,藉以維繫家庭運作,屬 「友愛婚姻」 (companionate marriages) 的表現。


According to A catalogue of women’s publications throughout Chinese history by Hu Wenkai (1901-1988), women in the Qing dynasty produced an extremely rich number of writings. Not only were the Guixiu diligent in their studies, but their writings were also diverse in subjects. For example, their detailed descriptions of family life (e.g., marital affection, children education, etc.) often touched on a variety of social and national issues, including a wide range of topics that are invaluable historical resources. At the same time, the study of writings produced by women in the Qing Dynasty has also attracted much attention and research in the academic circles. It is worth noting that most of the Guixiu in the Qing Dynasty were wives and most of their writings were about their husbands. After a careful review, the author found that there were especially many records of chanting and exchanging poems between talent couples in the Qing Dynasty. Their writings also demonstrated how the husband and wife reached consensus and helped each other in order to maintain the family’s operation, which was a manifestation of “companionate marriages (友愛婚姻)”.

This research will first list out the changhe works and husband-wife co-authorship created by couples in the Qing Dynasty recorded in A catalogue of women’s publications throughout Chinese history. Based on individual works, we will further show how the two genders in the Qing Dynasty communicated with each other via writing, encouraged and supported the other, and meanwhile, how the Guixiu interpreted their husbands’ gender roles such as the core issues of male responsibility and honor from the perspective of being wives. Through the investigation of the writings created by talent couples in the Qing Dynasty, this study explores the interaction and division of labor between the two genders in traditional society, examining the culture of talented women in the Qing Dynasty and the different positions and voices they held towards the behavior of men in ancient China. It is expected to make supplementation and contribution to the study of ancient women’s writings, the phenomenon of changhe and husband-wife co-authorship, the gender study of the Qing Dynasty, couple and gender relationships, and the expectations of roles of male genders.  [Go to the full record in the library's catalogue]

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