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東西方學術中的詩經──日譯陳致《從禮儀化到世俗化:詩經的形成》的感受 Eastern and Western Scholarship on The Book of Songs: Reflections on Translating Chen Zhi’s From Ritualization to Secularization: The Shaping of the Book of Songs into Japanese

饒宗頤國學院 (September 22, 2023)

SEMINAR SERIES : Connecting Europe and Asia, Recasting the Glory: Lecture series of Early Encounters between Europe and Asia

LENGTH : 87 min.
ACCESS : Open to all
SUMMARY : 陳致教授的《從禮儀化到世俗化: 〈詩經〉的形成》從古文字學與語言學入手,進一步引入音樂考古學和民族音樂學的關注,對《詩經》各部分之多元的來源及歷史變化賦予了新的解答。《詩經》的結集,伴隨著商周文明的對抗與融合,經歷了一個從禮儀化到世俗化、從標準化到地方化的複雜而漫長的過程。由中文翻譯成日文的過程中,湯城吉信教授除會介紹處理文化移植等問題外,還會就歷來日本人如何對待中國文化、中國漢字,以及將來日本人或中國人應該如何進行文化交流等問題進行討論。

Professor Chen Zhi’s From Ritualization to Secularization: The Shaping of the Book of Songs takes palaeography and linguistics as its starting points and draws in focus on musical archaeology and ethnomusicology. It makes fresh explanation of the multi-faceted origins and historical evolution of The Book of Songs in all their aspects. The compilation of The Book of Songs stems from conflict and compromise between Shang and Zhou culture, which experienced a complex and lengthy journey from ritualization to secularization and from standardization to regionalization. Taking inspiration from the process of translating from Chinese into Japanese, Professor Yoshinobu Yuki, in addition to introducing how to deal with issues including those of cultural adaption, will also discuss how historically the Japanese have treated Chinese culture and characters, and in the future, how matters of cultural exchange between the Japanese and Chinese could be addressed.  [Go to the full record in the library's catalogue]

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