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[PEAK Talk] Webinar by Mr Sam Lee - Recycling Fund:HK$15 Million Cumulative Funding Ceiling per Enterprise


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LENGTH : 43 min.
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SUMMARY : PEAK Talk is a brand-new online sharing series featuring various professors / experts / entrepreneurs from different faculties / industries with valuable expertise. It gives you wide spectrum of topics which help academia to pave the pathway to impact. The topics cover……

P : Patent and Commercialisation
E : Entrepreneurship
A : And
K : Knowledge Transfer

Do you have any new idea to collect more recyclables from the community or turn recyclables into new and innovative products?

The $2 billion Recycling Fund was established in 2015 with the objectives of promoting recovery and recycling of waste into useful resources and products by facilitating the upgrading of operational capabilities and efficiency in the recycling industry to support its sustainable development. The cumulative maximum funding amount of Recycling Fund under the Enterprise Support Programme is HK$15 million for 10 projects per enterprise. Under Recycling Fund there is also a scheme specially for start-up enterprises.

The webinar will share with you the programme details and assessment criteria with special focus on the scheme for start-up enterprises.

Mr Sam Lee is the Head of the Recycling Fund Secretariat under Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC). Sam has been working in various Government funding schemes for more than 22 years, including Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (Enterprise Support Programme), SME Development Fund, etc.  

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