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[PEAK Talk] Webinar by Dr KWONG Chi Man - Bringing History to Life: The Battle of Hong Kong 1941


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DEPARTMENT : Knowledge Transfer Office

PRODUCER : Knowledge Transfer Office
LENGTH : 60 min.
ACCESS : This video can be viewed on HKBU campus only
SUMMARY : PEAK Talk is a brand-new online sharing series featuring various professors / experts / entrepreneurs from different faculties / industries with valuable expertise. It gives you wide spectrum of topics which help academia to pave the pathway to impact. The topics cover……

P : Patent and Commercialisation
E : Entrepreneurship
A : And
K : Knowledge Transfer

The innovative spatial history project “Hong Kong 1941” uses geographic information systems (GIS) to build an interactive web map about the Battle of Hong Kong and a database of British military installations in Hong Kong during the Second World War. Combining the up-to-date digital technology and expertise in military history, this interactive map allows historians and other beneficiaries to move beyond the textual dimension and approach historical issues from a spatial perspective. Recently, this novel project won the Best DH Data Visualization category at the Digital Humanities Awards 2021.

Dr KWONG Chi Man is a specialist on Hong Kong and Asian military history and an Associate Professor at the Department of History at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Dr Kwong's conservation activities, with an emphasis on high culture, range from academic seminars, government projects, to digital interactive maps for creative commons. In order to maximize the research's impacts, he is also open to popular culture and industrial collaboration including but not limited to tourism, gaming and films.

He will introduce his online interactive map and share his insights on the future possible way out of digital humanities.  

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