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Nano-vesicles for Improving Drug’s Stability and Efficacy to Treat Chronic Diseases


DEPARTMENT : School of Chinese Medicine

Nano-vesicles for Improving Drug’s Stability and Efficacy to Treat Chronic Diseases
PRODUCER : Dr. Yang Zhijun
LENGTH : 6 min.
ACCESS : Open to all
SUMMARY : Diabetes and asthma are common chronic diseases. Currently, there is no permanent cure for diabetes and asthma, patients can only take drugs to prevent the onset of disease and relieve the pain temporarily. However, the diabetes and asthma drugs will be quickly metabolized by the human body and the therapeutic effect of active pharmaceutical ingredients can only last for a short period. Also, the patients may need to take a higher dosage of drug in order to offset the loss of pharmaceutical ingredients before they reach the target site on the body.

In view of this, Dr. Yang and his research team have developed a new technology to effectively encapsulate the drug by solid lipid vesicles which can control the release rate of drug active substances outside and inside the human body. This lipid vesicle protects and carries medicines to a certain location of the body. Then it releases the medicines at a controlled rate. This not only achieves a better drug delivery effect, but also increases the effective time and stability of the drug. Hence, the dosage, side effects, and toxicity of the drug can be reduced.  

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