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知識轉移合作項目《通過合作社解決婦女雙重負擔》- 活動剪影 KTP Project “Tackling Double Demands Faced by Women through Training up Cooperative Organizers” – Activity Highlights



PRODUCER : 知識轉移處
LENGTH : 3 min.
ACCESS : Open to all
SUMMARY : 知識轉移合作項目《通過合作社解決婦女雙重負擔》由社工系余偉錦博士發起,因其研究發現合作社是助婦女積極參與社會和家庭的重要工具,亦是協助婦女解決雙重負擔的最佳辦法。因此,余博士與香港婦女勞工協會舉辦一系列的合作社訓練課程。影片展示一系列項目活動的剪影,如培訓工作坊及浸大石門校園合作社飯堂的實況。

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership project “Transferring Knowledge of Tackling Double Demands Faced by Women through Training up Cooperative Organizers” is built on an observation that the cooperative is an important vehicle for helping women meet the double demands: to participate in the work economy and to provide care in the family. In Hong Kong, there is a lack of sufficient number of ‘cooperative organisers’, who have the knowledge and skills for setting up and managing cooperatives. To address this issue, Dr Sam YU Wai-kam from the Department of Social Work worked with Hong Kong Women Workers’ Association (HKWWA) and developed a training team for training up cooperatives organisers. The project team also established a new cooperative canteen in HKBU Shek Mun campus.

The video included some highlights of the project activities such as the training workshops and the cooperative canteen in HKBU Shek Mun campus.  

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