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Lanthanide Toolbox 鑭系元素工具箱


DEPARTMENT : Department of Chemistry

PRODUCER : Knowledge Transfer Office
LENGTH : 4 min.
ACCESS : Open to all
SUMMARY : The “Lanthanide Toolbox” invented by Dr Gary Wong is a new medical imaging reagent that can detect Joubert syndrome and other genetic disorders that come under an emerging class of disorders called Ciliopathies.

There are a few current medical imaging reagents, e.g. GFP-ARL13B which play crucial roles in diagnostic, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology medical and life science industry sectors. We have invented a new potent medical imaging reagent – Lanthanide Toolbox. While GFP-ARL13B can be used for Joubert-syndrome* diagnosis (a rare genetic disorder that affects the cerebellum), there are many drawbacks such as time consuming, expensive and stringent requirements for running a test and storage.

“Lanthanide Toolbox” for primary cilium (PC) imaging would solve the above problems that it is able to provide a test result in a mere six hours at a fraction of the cost of the current technology through a simpler process in an environment closer to normal conditions and can achieve 100% accuracy. Furthermore, identifying primary cilium marker is a breakthrough. It is crucial for cancer formation detection.


現時醫學成像試劑為數不多,如GFP-ARL13B,在診斷、藥物治療、生物科技及生命科學行業上擔起重要的角色。我們研發了新 的成像試劑-「鑭系元素工具箱」。一般人利用GFP-ARL13B檢測茹貝爾綜合症*(家族性小腦蚓部發育不全)。然而,它有一些缺點,包括檢測耗時、高昂成本、嚴格的測試和存儲等要求。


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