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無障礙學堂:分享知識 ,分享生命 Barrier-free School – Share Knowledge, Share Life



PRODUCER : 知識轉移處
LENGTH : 8 min.
ACCESS : Open to all
SUMMARY : 無障礙學堂是一個社會企業,由六位香港浸會大學科學院和中醫藥學院,以及香港大學文學院學生組成。透過開發電子學習平台和資訊科技相關的網上課程,無障礙學堂致力協助提高殘疾人士的知識和技能,並為有特殊需要的社會大眾服務。該項目不僅豐富了殘疾人士的知識,更激勵學生義工為有需要人士服務,促進資訊科技的可及性。

無障礙學堂贏得由香港浸會大學創業支援與培訓計劃 (BEST) 舉辦的2013-14年度「$300,000 FOR NEW VENTURE — 商業方案設計大賽」 (社會企業類別) ,以及由香港社創基金舉辦的2015年香港理工大學好薈社基金。他們亦榮獲2013年香港社會企業挑戰賽 (HKSEC)榮獲「最佳社會使命」及「最佳介紹」;更被酩悅‧軒尼詩-路易‧威登集團挑選為其「社會企業伙伴」。

Barrier-free School, a social enterprise start-up by six students from the Faculty of Science and the School of Chinese Medicine at HKBU, as well as the Faculty of Arts at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), aims at transferring knowledge to serve the community with special needs by developing an e-Learning platform and IT-related online courses to help people with disabilities so as to improve their knowledge and skills. The project does not only enrich the knowledge of people with disabilities, but also motivates student volunteers to serve the people in need, as well as to promote the accessibility of Information Technology.

Barrier-free School won the “$300,000 for New Venture Business Plan Competition” 2013-14 (social enterprise category) organised by the Business Entrepreneurship Support & Training (BEST) Programme at HKBU; and the Polytechnic University Goodseed Fund in 2015 held by the Hong Kong Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (SIE) Fund. It also won the “Best Social Mission” and the “Best Presentation” in Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC) 2013. What’s more, it was awarded “Honourable Mention” by LVMH (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton) as the “RISE (Results in Social Entrepreneurship) Partner”.  

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