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知識轉移合作項目《分甘同味》:為沉悶菜式改變形象 - 專訪名廚張錦祥 Knowledge Transfer Partnership Project “Sharing Plates” - An interview with Renowned Chef Mr Ricky Cheung


DEPARTMENT : 傳理學院和中醫藥學院

PRODUCER : 知識轉移處
LENGTH : 4 min.
ACCESS : Open to all
SUMMARY : 傳理學院和中醫藥學院合作的跨學科知識轉移項目《分甘同味》,為一本心靈故事式食譜,由傳理學院麥嘉盈副教授發起,聯同中醫藥學院党毅博士、傳理學院學生和校友、星級名廚張錦祥(Ricky)以及香港癌症基金會合力製作。書中以12個真實癌症病人/康復者與照顧者的故事、20個簡單食譜,加上中醫師及營養師的健康小貼士,顯現滋味人生。

在影片中,Bistro Bon星級名廚張錦祥分享他參與製作《分甘同味》的故事起源和動機、書中最愛食譜、對癌症病人餐單的感想以及自己的烹飪哲學。

A cross-disciplinary effort between the School of Communication and the School of Chinese Medicine, the Knowledge Transfer Partnership Project “Sharing Plates” is a community cookbook in the style of inspirational stories with recipes. The project is led by Dr Angela Mak, Associate Professor of the School of Communication with collaboration between Dr Dang Yi from the School of Chinese Medicine, Star Chef Mr Ricky Cheung from Bistro Bon, and Hong Kong Cancer Fund (HKCF). The cookbook features 12 real-life stories of cancer patients/ survivors and care-takers, 20 easy-to-make recipes, together with health tips from Dr Dang and a HKCF dietician, showing a taste of life.

In this video, Mr Ricky Cheung the renowned chef from Bistro Bon shared on his participation in the cookbook and the reasons behind. He also shared with us his favourite dishes in the cookbook, views about food for cancer patients as well as his own cooking philosophy.  

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